Society is like a bold where we are to be fitted. But what if we spread our wings outside the frame and fly free?

Photography: Tuomas Vihavainen

Why a self-portrait?

A weird choice for a self-portrait, isn’t it. Not necessarily – it’s the idea it depicts that has the deeper meaning, not what you see at first sight. I wanted to paint something striking. Something that would stand out and feel maybe a little out of place. The piece is like a free outcast, taking its space to fly. The two-headed horse represents how we all have sides, but they won’t keep us from rising.  Actually, my cousin worked on this with me. I painted the piece while he composed the music for it. My dream is to work with different artists of all professional lines to create multimedia art that breaks the norms we’ve gotten stagnantly used to. The thought of breaking ground is what inspires me to keep aiming for higher.

Only Em

Matei Pouzet turned "Unframed" into a living spirit by composing an orchestral piece for it. 


I fell completely in love with the way he creates an entire story around a picture. There are dozens of collaborations with him to come, you can be sure of that! :)


His other works will also astound you. He goes by his artist name Only Em and can be found on YouTube.

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