A tiny bit about me:

minä iso taideräjähdys 2_edited.png
Hi! I’m an 18-year-old aspiring artist from Finland.
I graduated from Sibelius Upper Secondary School (music department) in the Spring of 2021.
I'll be starting my studies in architecture at Aalto University in September 2021.
In fine arts I'm mostly self-taught.



I play instruments, dance and paint as if it were my last day alive!


Sometimes I may be even too eager and joyful.


 I always give 110% and my worst fear is to fear possibilities.

Fun Facts:

I may or may not have a slight addiction to ice cream...

I burn water when I try to cook...

About my art:

Still, I have no idea who I am, and I love it! I am not defined and I will not let anyone define me.


In my art I use various media mixed together to create something new. It’s my journey of exploration.


Through my art I take a stand in what I believe in. I process topics from climate change to equality and so on. Cozy feelings included! :)


Currently I work from my own room. I have draped the floors with a protective cover and adjusted the lighting.


For now, it gets the job done, other things will come with time. Thank god it’s a spacious room!


Poor mom has to live with an artist. You can only imagine her reactions when I started the transition from my previously charming room to an art cave.




I hope you enjoy my art journey as much as I do!

All yours,


Andrea Puscasu

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